1.  You feel elections are like Christmas. The excitement of the upcoming “big day”. Political ads ring out like Christmas carols. Neighbourhoods decorated with colourful signs. The anticipation of what the big ol’Democracy Santa will bring us good girls and boys. 

2. You hope election candidates knock on your door. 

3. You love political gossip. Getting a snippet of something “from the inside” is like being the first to hear about a legitimate Oilers trade rumour, or a half-price shoe sale.

4. You know what QP, Hansard, first-past-the-post, gerrymander, filibuster and a kitchen cabinet are. 

5. You know and can readily explain the difference between political parties. 

6. You cringe when someone refers to the legislature as parliament. And you hate the fact that there is a condo building near the Alberta Legislature called The Parliament. 

7. You actually watch leaders debates.

 8. You like to talk, think, debate, email, text, tweet and blog about politics — anytime, anywhere. 

9. You think your friends are in awe of your political mastery because they are afraid to talk political shop with you.

10. You know order in council is more than just an oxymoron. 

I am 10 for 10. How about you? You know you wanna be a part of this cool kids club. Any signs I missed?