Hi, I’m Jennifer, or Jenn to my friends. Since you are here, you might just be one.

JENN_1Why this blog? Two reasons. First, because as someone who makes their living in communications and PR, it is was time to walk the talk.  And second, this blog was the right move because I always have something to say about the good and bad things that are happening around us…. “This is actually happening”.

So on these pages are my thoughts on the events, efforts and ideas that inspire me enough to share. I hope it will encourage them to happen more. And also found here are the experiences, responses and trends that make me cringe or turn me into a little fireball dedicated to ensuring they never happen again.

In my working life, I am grateful to have a small but forceful communications and PR company, Freestone Communications, in Edmonton, Alberta.  It allows me to work with some amazing people on some cool projects.

The community do-gooder in me has me currently serving on the volunteer Board of Directors for the 4-H Foundation of Alberta. In the past, I’ve had the privilege to serve on the Boards of Directors for Northlands, Valour PlaceThe John Humphrey Centre for Peace & Human Rights, the Edmonton Downtown Farmers’ Market Association (otherwise known as the City Market Downtown on 104th and in City Hall), and as one of the first Co-Chairs for the Edmonton Food Council.

In the interests of full disclosure, you should know:

I love food. Most days my life revolves around it.

I am a closet rocker chick and lover of rap music. While I love all kinds of music, especially when it is played loud, my heart belongs to the Foo Fighters and Eminem.

Two poli sci degrees + deliberate avoidance of political jobs = political junkie at heart.

While I truly do love my city, province and country and everything they have to offer, nothing gets me excited like exploring new cities and countries, especially their grocery stores and places to eat.

I cashed in years of solo running and my runner’s high for lifting weights and climbing the odd mountain or two.

I am an eternal optimist. I believe that everyone is inherently good and that things always work out exactly as they should. So even when I rant against lazy, idiotic things that are happening in our city, province, country and culture, I really do think my voice will be heard, the sea will part and a new day will come. Seriously though, I believe things can change if you really put your mind, pen and keyboard to it.

Welcome and thank you for reading. I welcome your feedback and comments on anything posted here. And if you want more, subscribe to my blog, follow me on Twitter @FreestoneJenn, on Instagram, or old school it and drop me an email.