And if it is the same thing that killed the scrunchy, will it please take the life of the bumpit too?

Important questions that my friend Kristina and I asked while sipping G&Ts at Hudson’s on a recent Friday after work.  At the bar was an otherwise cute little 20-something year old, sitting sky-high thanks to her bumpit.  For those unfamiliar with the hair contraption, it is moon-shaped piece of plastic that women put in their hair to give it hump-like volume.  The Quasimodo of women’s hair.

Our talk about bumpits led to the deep, sordid history of other bad hair accessories. How it was an episode of Sex and the City and Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, that ended the possibility of any style conscious woman ever wearing a scrunchy in public again.

It led us to wonder, what killed the banana  comb?  It pretty much disappeared, thankfully, from women’s heads some time ago.  Was it another pop culture icon, like Carrie Bradshaw, that finally exposed the banana comb and led to its demise?

We welcome any tips that would solve the mystery of the banana comb.  In the meantime, we hope and pray for a mercy killing of the bumpit.