He had a front row seat to cool

My Dad, Tom, was a television cameraman for more than three decades. He covered 8 different Olympic Games. He was gone every spring, covering the play by play action of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. He was a part of the broadcast team for countless CFL Grey Cups. He traveled the country and the world doing Indy races, Commonwealth Games, Brier matches, pro golf and more. He was behind the camera when the Pope & Queen came for visits, at G7 Summits & other major news events. He was the play by play camera for pretty much every Oilers game you saw [...]

In defence of TV

You’ve met them. The people that like to boast that they don’t watch TV. “I don’t really have time for TV, I am too busy with biking / golfing / landscaping / reading / work / tweeting / splitting the atom / anything other than lowering myself to watch the boob tube busy.” And when you meet these people, what stands out is the mighty tone in their voice when they tell you they don’t watch. Like TV is the most lowly, time-wasting, bottom-feeding, passive-minded activity a human being could do. Now many of these same people also like to [...]

Why I won’t miss Oprah

Will you miss her? Not ready to find other ways to fill your 5pm time slot? Still want to shed tears at yet another tragic story?  I am sure my male readers are agreeing with me, if they haven’t already clicked out of this post at the sight of the word, “Oprah”. Now, I am not denying her power and the incredible impact she has made on society and pop culture.  There is no one else that could take a book, movie, a movie star, a two-bit professional good at the sound-bite, industries, trinkets and trash and make it either [...]