On October 2, 2012, Edmonton will step up once again with the opening of Valour Place. Valour Place is like Ronald McDonald House, but for injured soldiers as it provides “hope away from home” for Canadian Forces and RCMP members, veterans and their families when they are in Edmonton for medical treatment and rehabilitation. Valour Place is significant on so many levels. It’s the first home of its kind in Canada and it’s right here in Edmonton. It’s an initiative led by the community, for Canada’s military community. A team of hard working and connected Edmontonians took an idea conceived [...]

Why you should hug a soldier

If you are reading this, you have a soldier to thank. Why?  Think about who, in part, gave you the ability to freely talk, work, move and think today?  A soldier. Many soldiers, in fact. Ones that fought in combats of the past and ones that serve today. That’s why today, or any day, you should hug a soldier. Today is the 67th anniversary of D-Day.  In case you don’t remember high school social studies, D-Day was the day during WWII when allied forces stormed the Nazi-occupied beaches of Normandy, France in an effort to free a path to Germany [...]