41 Lessons earned and learned over 41 years

We all have baggage, but the real question is what you do with it. Check it and fly, or spend your life stuck in the terminal? Show gratitude often. Feel it all. Even when you don’t want to. Fear should keep you alive, not hold you back. Squash fear like that spider crawling on your bed. The only predictable thing is unpredictability. Give back. Try hard to never say, “What if?” RSVP when you are asked to RSVP. Seriously people! Learn to love to sweat. When you are young, your family gives you energy. They’re your entire world. As you [...]

Look forward and back

Every so often opportunities come along where you step back and realize life has been preparing you for that exact moment in time. Before these moments happen, you catch yourself in challenging, everyday experiences and think, “Why am I doing this?”, “What’s the point?”, or most appropriately, “Is this actually happening?”  You wonder if your efforts, toil and stress are taking you towards something hard-earned and great, or if you will be left with only bruises and (hopefully) lessons learned. Lately, I’ve been lucky enough to have a few of these a-ha moments, both personally and professionally. Extreme moments of clarity [...]

Star struck at Charcut

Ever since Top Chef Canada was on TV earlier this year, I have wanted to dine at Charcut in Calgary. For the uninitiated, the chef and one of the owners of Charcut, Connie DeSousa, competed on the Canadian version of this popular reality show.  Each week, I loved watching her approach to food and cooking, and her quiet but forceful way that earned her a third place finish on the show . “Team Connie” was alive and well in #yegfood while the show was on, and we are still convinced she should have come in first. So when the opportunity [...]

Why I am not a foodie

If you don’t know me, you might read this title and think I don’t like food. If you do know me, you will be a bit confused. Why?  Because I love food. Big HEART love it. I just hate being called a foodie. I think I have done many of the things to credibly qualify as a “foodie”.  I was editor of a food magazine, Food for Thought, for nearly 5 years.  I knew how to roast a turkey and make my own stuffing by the age of 12. I had horseshoes on my ass when I got to go [...]

What are Edmonton’s best food experiences?

You can’t deny it. Edmonton’s restaurant scene has heated up in the last two years and garners all of the attention when you want to indulge your inner-foodie. But what about all of those non-restaurant places, accessible by the average person, that deliver some of Edmonton’s best and most memorable food experiences?  The places where you get to dive into the culture and atmosphere, in addition to the food, and it keeps you coming back for more.  Here’s my list of my favourite Edmonton food experiences:  1.  Italian Centre Shop From the friendly young staff, to the wise Italian Nonnas,  [...]