Diary of a Northlands Poster Girl

February 17:  Picture this. A call from our new Northlands CEO, Richard Andersen.  He explains a new ad campaign by the organization to profile the people behind Northlands and our longstanding connection to our community.  I think it’s brilliant. Northlands is well known,  but not well understood. This campaign is a good first step in addressing that. Then he says they want to profile me, as a Board Director, in one of the ads.  Hmmm.  I am low-profile, behind the scenes, avoid the center of attention kinda girl. And now they want me to be a poster girl? Because Richard [...]

What makes a city great?

For years, there has been much debate in Edmonton about how we make our city well-known and world class. Better slogans, new tag lines, shiny new arenas and buildings, and hosting international events are what many think will make this city better in the eyes of those who don’t live here (and, in the eyes of those who do). It was refreshing to see this ad, run during Super Bowl 2011, that was technically about a vehicle but was really a candid take on the perceptions of the city of Detroit. Now I haven’t been to Detroit, I have only seen [...]